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Columbus Museum of Art, 1979




Selected by Lawrence Alloway.


Con(jug)ate 3. Columbus Museum of Art, 1979. 12 clear vinyl units.


Artists undertake the taks of composing statements about their work with caution. The impetus for the activities of art and for the objects which result is rooted in such multifaceted experience that one hesitates to channel comprehension by the specification of single aspects. Perhaps what the artist says about art, a single alien formulation from compounded reference, is only valid when seen as further substance for interpretation. For me, art is catalyst. Acordinglly, regard the following as clue rather than conclusion.

"Complementary", one of a group of 7 Con(jug)ative sequences begun in 1976, is an element in a body of investigative work developed over a period of three years. Through the use of a composite of intuitive, logical and sensual thinking, a personal apprehension of the nature of complex and fundamental spatial relationships evolved. Begun as a juxtaposition of two forms, the work increased in complexity of form and concept to become a physical demonstration of formal concepts, a means of self-realization and a further statement of a philosophical point of view.

The unfolding Con(jug)ates, clarifying formal insights into the similarities and differences of rational, mirror and asymmetrical relationships as they transform from two dimensional planes, promoted further specualtion on the implications inherent in the interaction between fundamental movements in space. They also facilitated metaphorical expression of less tangible concept.

The specific shapes in "Complementary" represent 12 stops on a continuum of possibility in the rotation and connexion of two similar surfaces. Sealed and inflated, the sequence shows line and surface invariant in length and area but variant in position in space and spatial encompassment, according to differences in tension which result from the changing interaction between edge and surface. They exist; each form a self-referential dialectic, yet integral part of larger units with analogy to the validity of alternative formulation and the the evolution of all form.




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