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From Columbus Art League
7th Annual Curated Exhibition




Studio photo Into the Woods 1991. Acrylic on vinyl. 14'x various.


For years my imagination has been captured by the notion of three dimensional paintings floating above or surrounding me.

Technically, my sculpture can be described as topological transformation of a disc or discs. It nearly always starts out as a pair of flat discs which, after various divisions, recombine to transform into helices. Though always helices these shapes are in fact always different. The painting on them is a clue to their construction.

The method is experimental, the process continuous. Through this work I have arrived at an independent understandng of the principles of structure, an intuitive understanding of the mechanics of the universe and of the evolution of species. Plants elude me. To a limited extent I understand the workings of my own mind. Sometimes the tangible results look like ART and are chosen by curators for exhibition. Just as often they don't and aren't.

Because it seems to take care of itself I rarely think about expressive content. If asked I say that the totality of my oeuvre is a metaphor for life and its processes.

The group chosen for the Art League's curated exhibition at Fort Hayes is comprised of two related sets (four in one, four in the other) of sprialing spirals. They turned out to be a preliminary approach to the experience of a walk-in painting. The provisional title is "Into the Woods.

Betty Collings, January, 1992.





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