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In An Encyclopedia of 20th Century Women Artists
Garland Press, 1992-3.
Edited by Nancy and Jules Heller



I am awed by the inter-connexion of all things in the universe, by how, over time, the aftermath of a single event (a big bang) is the diversity of form that we experience.

Through art I attempt to gain a modest insight into the great variety of structure, process and individual form.

I begin with the simple subdivision of a pair of discs - either a yin-yang, an annulus or a spiral - then recomgine the parts into a whole. Permutatioin develops families of forms and reveals structure and process. This is not a pre-determined porcess but experimental and experiental. It is an abstract idea that produces shapes whose life-like qualities are due to the fact that inevitably each one expresses some aspect of a spiral.

The over-riding metaphor is the sprial which underlies the shape and function of all things.


Betty Collings, 1992.



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