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The first pieces in tobacco vinyl prompted an early form of theoretical drawing. This was followed by marking the plain vinyl at intervals with dots or stripes to measure the effect of differing the initial juxtaposition. As this marking became elaborate a print was devised that used color as a numbering system, dividing the originating 52"D circle into 72 uniquely marked sections. The first use was in the construction of Jacob's ladder and associated drawings, a project that settled the question of when the switch in spiraling direction occurred.




1: "Open dot drawing" 18"x24". Avery coding dots on paper


2: "Universe Print" 1979. Vinyl ink on vinyl. c. 52"D. 9


3: "Visual Theory for shift in Open Sculpture" 1979. 20'x48". Ink on graph paper.


4: 'Drawing from Jacob's Ladder" 1979. Tape on chart paper. 4'x6'.



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