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Ceramics 2000-
Selected examples from the Hahei studio 2000 - - except as noted all Stoneware

“Opening Kiln No. 11, 2008”



During the 1999 New Zealand sojourn a studio deck was built in a secluded spot of the Hahei property. This bird serenaded platform supports an outdoor artist studio that includes a working area, a shed housing a large gas kiln, plus a larger shed for slab roller, glaze preparation, and working storage. Such a surfeit of equipment was due largely to my husband, whose enthusiasm for ceramics has never wained since he and I took evening classes with Doreen Blumhardt in the early 60's. Before and during student years in the ceramics department of the Division of Art at The Ohio State University my prefered method for working with clay (other than for figurative sculpture) was wheel throwing. Thus the first challenge was to develop concepts and techniques that used slabs. The second was to turn the pages of old notebooks and tweak the mind into developing a suitable glaze pallet.

  1. For the Garden or Deck
  2. Vessels and Vases - Constructed
  3. Wall Plaques and Table Platters
  4. Figuration

5. Landscapes


6. Two kilns from 2016


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