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Stoneware- Wheel Thrown


In 1961 in Wellington, New Zealand, my husband and I attended Doreen Blumhart's evening course which inspired Ted to made the weighty kick wheel that we took to the United States in 1962. In Wellington, pregnant with Christopher, I couldn't get close enough to the wheel to do much good but two years later while living in Swarthmore, PA.as post-family tragedy therapy I started again.

An enthusiasm for raw materials - ash, stone- frequent reference to Daniel Rhodes "Clay and Glazes for the Potter" and a small electric kiln produced continuously experimental stoneware. The products of his phase - self-taught except for a three week summer workshop with Karen Karnes at Haystack - quickly established a need for an outlet beyond my studio showroom.

In 1965 silversmith Ruth Hogan, weaver Ursula Brown, a pottery collective working with Paul Berenson in the Swarthmore College ceramic studio and I. opened "The Hogan". This informal co-operative, housed in a basement level space, had two successful but miniscule galleries managed by Betty Gayley. Works by members of the co-operative were sold from one gallery, the second reserved for invitational exhibitions by noteworthy regional craftspeople.

Wheel thrown, reduction fired. C 1968. Mostly dispersed.

Wrapped Vase. 1968. 13.5"x9.5"x7". Collection artist.

Thrown vase. C 1968. 9.5"x6.5"x5.25". Collection artist.

Scored Vase c 1968. c. 8.25"x5"x5". Collection artist.

Small colored vessel c 1968. c 8" x8"x8".

Quirky Eyes c 1967. 6"x7.5"x5.75" Collection artist.

Bowls and Casserole c. 1968. Exhibited variously. Bowl Award; Collections Hahn, LaChapelle, Collings.

Stoneware selection 1965-68. Exhibited variously. Collection artist.

Ash and stone 1966. 5.5"x5.5"x5.5". 1966- Studio Exhibition. Collection artist.

Coffee Set c 1966. Ash glased. 1966 - Studio Exhibition. Unknown collection.





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