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Multi-Panel Painting

1994-1996 and continuing

The first painting in the 1980’s, was a schematic radial roygbv that was repeatedly screen printed on clear vinyl circles with vinyl ink for use in the Universe work of that period. Quickly the precise schematic morphed into free hand acrylic marking. These markings were not only effective as a way to mentally review the construction process but were the genesis of the later multi-panel abstract and landscape paintings. Pieces such as Red Plume and Enough [see eccentric progressions] showed how effective layering two or more surfaces could be but it was not until some particularly traumatic life experience around 1994 that I used the technique for truly expressive purposes. Not Me was one of the first examples.

Not Me (1993). 89"x54"x8". Acrylic on vinyl.
Two panel/two sided painting.

Experimenting with these multi-panel paintings I quickly realized that my real interest in light and color was answered by simply hanging sheets of color and that the definitive painting was the line of large loosely painted color samples hanging in a corner of the studio. Still one must paint something so applying the idea to multi-panel landscape and self-portraits was a way to go. I like the way that the layered images appear to change as one changes viewpoint. Photographs don’t work so well.

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Home Painting